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“Yenesika: Lawyer Turned Yogini”

After 6 years of practicing civil and commercial disputes resolution at the Delhi High Court, I decided I wanted to step up and build a life that I love. I found Yoga and knew instantly that it was my calling. For two years, I practiced daily and decided to become a certified teacher to pass on what I had found.

“Yenesika as a Teacher”

As a Yoga teacher, my ultimate goal is to inspire my students to fall deeply in love with the practice itself. My aim is to guide each student towards a point where they become self-sufficient in their practice and no longer need my guidance. Through my teachings, I hope to instill this passion and knowledge in each of my students, empowering them to embrace their true potential and live a life of fulfillment.

Short span of 5 months, I taught over 90 students dedicating 150 hours to yoga classes.

Yoga Alliance registered ID: 396397

Yenesi Niharika
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