Wellness & Yoga Camp in Barbil, Odisha

Rungta Colony for Rungta Sons Pvt. Ltd., 2023

Desk-bound jobs for prolonged periods can take a toll on our bodies, leading to serious repercussions. But with the help of yoga, we can rejuvenate and revitalize our physical and mental well-being. At Yenesika’s, we offer customized yoga programs and sessions that cater to the unique needs of field personnel, home-makers, students and faculty members. Let us design a program that suits your group’s needs and helps promote overall wellness!

In January 2023, Yenesika held a transformative 3-day Wellness & Yoga Camp in the Rungta Colony of Barbil, Odisha. With a focus on nurturing overall wellness with yoga, attendees were immersed in the practice. This event captured the essence of rejuvenation, leaving participants with of inner peace and tranquility and practices that can be used in their daily lives.


Testimonials from Corporate Yoga and Wellness Workshops: