Yoga in the heart of Steel - Workshop in Jamshedpur

This month I had an amazing opportunity to lead a Yoga workshop for the remarkable employees of Tata Steel Limited, right in the heart of the historic city of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Tata Steel was founded 115 years back and has quite the legacy in India’s industrial landscape. Jamshedpur, or as the locals fondly call it, Tatanagar, owes its existence to none other than the visionary Jamsetji Tata, who set the wheels in motion back in 1919.

Now, here’s the kicker: I’m from Bihar, just next door, but I’d never had the chance to explore Jharkhand, so you can imagine how stoked I was about this opportunity!

The workshop ran from the 3rd to the 5th of May, with me taking the lead and my workshop partner, Aditi, providing invaluable support. Our mission? Tackling a real issue that the dedicated employees of the Tata Steel foundation face every day—spinal mobility or lack thereof.

These hard working folks practically spend a solid 8 to 10 hours sitting. It takes a toll on their bodies, especially the neck and back. The stress levels and health issues that come with can be hazardous.

So, we decided to dive in headfirst, using yoga to work on their spinal health.

The first day was a bit of a slow start – just a handful of eager participants. But by the second day, the word had spread, and we had more participants. The icing on the cake? A packed house on the third and final day.

We scheduled the classes after the grueling work hours, those who stuck with us for all three days reported lower stress, less lethargy, reduced body pains, and improved sleep and digestion.

It’s moments like these that make teaching yoga so rewarding. Even today, when I host an open online class, some of the participants from this workshop still show up.

Unlike us metro city folks who can’t seem to unplug, the people of Jamshedpur take their weekends seriously. No work on Saturdays and Sundays, no matter what. I’ve got to hand it to them; it’s a lifestyle choice that screams “work-life balance.”

In conclusion, my Tata Steel Yoga workshop in Jamshedpur was a whirlwind of an experience. I’m thankful for the chance to contribute to the well-being of the amazing folks who work at this historic establishment. It hammered home the idea that Yoga isn’t just about individual well-being; it can ripple through entire communities, bringing balance and harmony even in the most industrious of settings.

Both Aditi and I had spent a significant time in the local market, exploring the street food. More on that in the next blog. Yoga, food, culture – Jamshedpur, you’ve got it all!

Be mindful, stay healthy!